Operation Aorta

Operation Aorta

Prepare for an epic journey through your own body and unravel the mystery of your blood! Those 25,000 billion blood cells inside you are working extremely hard to keep you healthy, but they could use your help. Go on an adventure, complete amazing missions, defeat vicious intruders and crack challenging puzzles. Be ready for an exciting journey full of action and discovery.

As you make your way through your body's breathtaking environments, you'll also learn how it all works. This is not just another game, it is an educational journey full of fun! Are you ready to become a hero and help your blood cells in this adventure? Set out now and experience Operation Aorta!

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Grand microscopic adventure!

Experience an exciting and educational journey through the human body in Operation Aorta! Shrink down to the size of a blood cell and help the professor make important discoveries. Learn about the circulatory system, respiration, and more while playing!

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Learn about blood cells!

Blood is extremely important, but what exactly does it do? In Operation Aorta, you travel through all kinds of parts of the human body: the lungs, the heart, and even the brain.

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Earn a unique skin!

Complete the challenges in Operation Aorta and earn a unique skin. This skin is not available anywhere else and can only be obtained by successfully completing Operation Aorta. So quickly download the world and help the professor!


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